LED Rebates and Incentives

The federal government and local municipalities offer a number of incentives and government rebates for LED lighting. Usage of many of 13led’s energy-efficient LED lighting options qualifies businesses and commercial property owners for these governmental rebates and incentives. Local and federal rebates and incentives can help offset the cost of installing energy-efficient LED lighting, in addition to the operational savings recognized through lower utility and maintenance costs.

Most incentives and government rebates for LED lighting require specific certifications to qualify, such as Design Light Consortium (DLC) and Energy Star, and all LED lighting products offered through 13led.net clearly indicate the certifications associated with each individual product. Additionally, installing LED lighting is a big step towards attaining LEED certification, which can result in eligibility for additional rebates and incentives.

13led.net continually monitors changing governmental programs, advising commercial customers of their eligibility for any available incentives and government rebates for LED lighting and helping them through the process of obtaining these rebates and incentives. More information about the local and federal rebates and incentives that may be available to your business can be viewed through the links below.

13led.net is a website dedicated to the sale of LED lighting products through online catalogs. With its catalog of LED lighting products, 13led.net provides customers with a comprehensive online shopping experience from all of the best LED lights that are available through 13led.net.

The following is a list of federal, state, local and corporate incentives and rebates that can be applied to your purchase of 13led.net’s energy-efficient LED lighting products:

1. New Jersey E-911 Statewide E-911 Cable Requirements – 2009

2. Energy Star Eighth Edition (EH8) Product Certification Requirements – 2009

3. EPA ENERGY STAR Program – 2009