LED Rebates and Tax Credits

Upgrading to LED lighting at your facility is already a double win with savings from both bulb replacement costs and lower energy bills in the future. With the availability of extra financial incentives such as tax credits and rebates, it is possible to offset the cost of new LED lighting and expedite your break even point.

The good news is that the future of energy efficient lighting is bright. The Federal Tax Credit (ITC) law was extended in December 2015 and has been retroactive to the beginning of 2014. Also, the second tier of state tax credits have been extended in Massachusetts, New York and Illinois.

The ITC provides a 30% federal tax credit for qualified expenditures on new facilities for manufacturing or processing clean energy property. This includes LED fixtures along with other products such as solar panels or wind turbines. The tax credit will be available through 2016.

If you are eligible for state or local rebates or tax credits, we will submit the paperwork for you once the job is complete. We are experts in LED lighting incentives available through federal and state government, as well as utility companies and co-ops.

Experts at Energy Efficiency Rebates and Tax Credits

One3LED offers total customized LED lighting solutions for your organization, which means our services do not always stop after installation. If you are eligible for rebates or credits, we will complete relevant paperwork on your behalf to assist in getting those financial incentives.

Our staff are experts at implementing energy rebates nationwide, as well as local/state/federal tax credits. We’ll help you navigate the maze of what rebates or tax credits you should apply for based on your location and equipment. Then we’ll help you complete required paperwork.