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At One3LED, we specialize in providing customized solutions for energy efficiency lighting in a variety of industry applications. One3LED offers a comprehensive array of LED lighting services from initial energy auditing to fixture installation.

Energy Audit

We will meet with your organization on site and conduct a thorough review of your current lighting equipment and measure energy consumption. As part of the audit we make recommendations on where LED equipment will make a significant difference in your facility to result in substantial energy savings.

Installation & Commissioning

After determining the type of LED lighting solution and fixture you are looking for, we will schedule an installation date and time to be scheduled around your business’s normal operating schedules. Our professional staff will oversee all aspects of the installation and commissioning process, making sure that your lighting system is working properly at all times. We provide troubleshooting as a free service.

Design and Installation

Our expert lighting consultants and engineers provide photometric simulation and design consulting services. Once design plans are finalized, we order materials and arrange for installation. Our team handles all aspects of the installation and troubleshooting, from start to finish. Efficient Lighting for the Life of Your Facility – With the latest LED technology, you can expect 50,000 hours of light from each fixture. After that time frame, a replacement LED fixture will cost pennies on the dollar compared to replacing HID fixtures.

Rebates and Tax Credits

If you are eligible for state or local rebates or tax credits, we will submit the paperwork for you once the job is complete. We are experts in LED lighting incentives available through federal and state government, as well as utility companies and co-ops.

Petro Station Lighting

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